High Grade Tropical Wood
Royal Kembang Semangkuk sets the mood of luxury, splendor and style all in a chic texture. Create a magnificent home with this surprising and delightful choice of wood. Royal Merbau’s brown wood texture and irregular pattern creates a sense of mystery and nature. This Royal Bologna wood texture is known for its distinctiveness, calming effect and abundant radiance.

Chunteh Classic (the scientific name for the
Spp. Of Sapotaceae) is a branch of wood from the mountains. It is a lightweight and exotic red wood.
It has a dense texture, suitable for indoor and outdoor design. It is very hard and resistant to impact. This luxurious wood can give your home warmth.

Kembang Semangkuk Classic (the scientific name for the Scaphium spp), is commonly known as the Asian ARON. It has a chiseled texture and can highlight the beauty of the natural environment. Merbau (the scientific name for the Intsia bijuga) is a natural oil wood, with a number of colors to choose from, from light brown to dark brown. This is a kind of anti-corrosion,exotic hardwood and can be used with any kind of design.
Imported American Wood
American white oak (scientific name Quercus spp) is found mainly in the eastern United States. This classic white oak boasts an open texture, and swirl patterns making it suitable for interior design, or any other purpose defined by your imagination. American Royal Oak symbolizes nobility. Its unique texture is reflective of very extraordinary taste and class thus lending to a regal European and American luxury home atmosphere. American Walnut Classic (scientific name Juglans
nigra) produced in the United States is among the world's best wood. It easily attracts attention with its corrugated or curved wood. The black walnut brown with its mysterious beauty is an elegant addition to any home.

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