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Timuran Setia Industri Sdn Bhd (TSI)

(formerly known as Wajaplas Industri Sdn Bhd) was incorporated in 2001.

About us

TSI is a dominant building materials distribution company in the Eastcoast region pioneering in high quality branded building materials.

Being a reputable hardware supplier in Malaysia, TSI is associated with major brands in the industry such as Jotun Paints, Monier and GCI roofing, ROCA, Johnson Suisse, DOE, Potex, USG Boral, YTL, Mapei, NS Bluescope, Lysaght, Ajiya, Resintect and many more. We market these products to developers, contractors, homeowners, and fabricators vide hardware dealers and our own retail branches in Kelantan, Terengganu and Klang Valley.

TSI aims to become a trendsetter in the Eastcoast states by operating both as a distributor as well as showroom concept retailer with a slogan “Always my Preferred Choice” by promoting high quality products at affordable prices, great service, excellent customer care, and environmentally caring.

Over the years, TSI has diversified into property development and construction sectors; as well as roofing system installation business. Several joint-venture companies have been incorporated to spearhead these new lines of business.

With the up surge of E-commerce and digital marketing, TSI group is advancing into O2O business model and deploying various digital marketing channels to reach out to a broader base of consumers nationwide. This has allowed TSI an opportunity to move into the next phase of growth.

Through our extensive digitalization efforts, we are proud to provide a safe and secure online hardware shop platform for our customers. It is our commitment to always stays in the forefront of the industry.





Always Your Preferred Choice

TSI aspires to be engine of change in the building materials business model in Eastcoast region and aims to be the preferred choice among the consumers by offering high quality products at affordable prices, excellent customer service and a pleasant buying experience.


Our Core Values

Strive for Excellence, Integrity, Gratitude, Benevolence
精进, 诚伩, 感恩, 仁慈



Customer Care and Excellent service

We listen and respect our customers, making necessary changes to improve our service quality and to offer a pleasant buying experience to our patrons.

Great Value Pay Less

We offer exceptional quality products, backed by reputable brands, at an affordable price.

Environmental Friendly.

We foster a safe and environmentally responsible culture in terms of products selections and our daily operations.

TSI’s existing subsidiaries:



Timuran Setia Industri Sdn Bhd
(Kuala Terengganu Branch)
TSI Home Decor Sdn Bhd



Timuran Setia Marketing Sdn Bhd
Orange Hue Development Sdn Bhd
Drexham Holdings Sdn Bhd
TSI Development Sdn Bhd
Timuran Setia Steel Sdn Bhd
Timuran Setia Industri Sdn Bhd
(Tanah Merah Branch)
Colour Makers Paints Shop Sdn Bhd
(Kota Bharu Branch)
Colour Makers Paints Shop Sdn Bhd
(Kok Lanas Branch)
Colour Makers Paints Shop Sdn Bhd
(Jelawat Branch)


Kuala Lumpur

Timuran Setia Industri KL Sdn Bhd
Colour Makers Paints Shop Sdn Bhd
(Sepang Branch)