Bathroom basin is an essential item in every bathroom as it plays an important role in the daily life, both functional as well as aesthetic value. The right bathroom basins not only add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom but also offer great comfort and convenience. Searching for the best bathroom basins? Whether you are looking for big or small bathroom basin, we as one of the top bathroom basin suppliers have all your needs covered. With decades of experience in this industry, we offer an extensive range of bathroom basin from a range of quality brands, including Bareno, Asher, Econax and Rano. Besides, they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials so as to meet the diverse needs of customers. Every piece is made from high quality materials that can endure many years of use. Besides, our bathroom basins are the perfect choice for residential and commercial applications as they are highly affordable and durable, great resistance to chipping, cracking and staining. Most importantly, all of them are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Other than that, they are meticulously designed to maximise convenience and ease of use, without compromising on style. Our bathroom basins can be stylish, classic, simple and contemporary, perfectly made for every style and budget. From wall-mounted bathroom basins to countertop basin or under counter basin, we have all the types of bathroom basins to pair well with the size and shape of your bathroom.

If you are renovating or upgrading your bathroom, then consider choosing Timuran Setia as your trusted bathroom basin supplier. Transforming the appearance and feel of your bathroom has never been this easy with our great selection of bathroom basins. With Timuran Setia, you are assured of getting the right bathroom basin that works perfectly with your bathroom. 

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