Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom is more than just a place to shower, it is probably a great place to recharge and refresh after a long day of work. As such, a bathroom needs to be functional as well as practical. If you are planning to refurbish your bathroom without emptying out your wallet, you will definitely require the right bathroom tap fittings and other accessories. They are essential items to make the overall bathroom more functional and eye-catching. Whether you are looking for bathroom tap fittings or bathroom accessories, Timuran Setia has all the items you need to bring your dream bathroom to reality. At Timuran Setia, you will be greeted with a comprehensive array of bathroom tap fittings and accessories, including soap dish, toilet paper holder, glass shelf, towel hook, towel rail and mirror, just to name a few. Being the reputable supplier, we carry some of the trusted industry brands such as Econax, Filton, Kosa, Asher and Bareno. As such, our products are always preferred by the homeowners. Of course, the products that we offered are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring optimal performance and impressive degree of robustness. In addition to that, they are made from humidity and water resistant materials, therefore, they are highly durable to stand up the high humidity and warmth of the bathroom. Simply put, they are high in quality and can withstand everyday usage.

Also, they come in all sizes, shapes and styles that blend seamlessly with any bathroom or pre-existing décor. Best of all, they are built with the users in mind, thoughtfully designed to excellence, easy to use with little or no maintenance. With us, you are able to discover high quality bathroom accessories in an extensive collection of designs and styles. Overwhelmed by too many choices? Don’t worry, our team of bathroom experts will guide you throughout the purchasing process. 

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