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General: -

Q :  What are the products and services offered at TSI?

  • TSI is a large-scale one-stop center that offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor construction products for homes and buildings.
  • We offer building materials based on current trends, affordable, price and quality.
  • We also offer installation and consulting services for our sales products.


Q :  What is TSI specialization?

  •  TSI emphasizes on 7 major sectors namely Roofing, Paint, Waterproofing, Laminate Flooring, Sanitary needs as well as Water Tanks, Water Filter and Water Pumps.
  •  We offer a full range of services for these 7 major sectors which include sales, installation, after-sales service, warranty and more.


Q :  Is the price offered by TSI reasonable?

  • TSI is a wholesaler and supplier of well-known brands. We also have branches in major districts of the east coast state.
  • We always make sure our prices are in line with the quality of the products we offer.


Q :  What is the quality and warranty of the product offered?

  • TSI offers products from leading brands. And  all products are guaranteed by the factory for a specified period of time and has the approval from SIRIM, ISO, IKRAM, BOMBA and CIDB.


Q :  How many branches do we have and where are they located?

Timuran Setia Industri S/B

Lot 423,
Sec 2, Jln Sultan Yahya Petra,
15200 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Tel: 09-7430427

Timuran Setia Marketing S/B

Lot 941,
Kg Lundang, Jln Yaacobiah,
15150 Kota Bharu,


Tel: 09-7461327

Drexham Holdings S/B

S/53, Lot 78, Kg Darat Demit,
Jalan Raja Perempuan Zainab II,
16150 Kota Bharu,

Tel: 09-7645720

TSI Kok Lanas Hardware S/B

PT 536, 538&539,
Jalan Kuala Krai, Taman Puspa Jaya Kok Lanas, 16450 Ketereh, Kelantan.

Tel: 09-7887538

Midland Homes S/B

Lot 6996 & 6997,
Ground Floor, Kg Salak 129, 17500 Tanah Merah, Kelantan.

Tel: 09-9556668

TSI Home Décor S/B

Lot 60094-60096,
Ground Floor Jalan Pasar, Kampung Tandul, 22000 Jerteh, Terengganu.

Tel: 09-6904728

Timuran Setia Industri (KT) S/B

No.139, Jalan Hiliran 21000 Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.

Tel: 09-6227410

Timuran Setia Industri KL S/B

No. 191, Jalan KIP 6, Kawasan Perindustrian KIP, 52200 Kepong Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-62629321

Timuran Setia Steel S/B

Lot 1907, Kg Chica Kota Bharu, 16150 Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

Tel: 09-7655339


Products: -

Q :  What are the brands that TSI carry, in the 7 areas of expertise?

  • Roof - GCI, Monier, Premier, Old, Decra, Ajiya, Lysaght Bluescope
  • Paint - Jotun, Nippon, Smart Paint
  • Waterproofing - Mapei, Sika, Cementaid, Davco, Pentens
  • Laminate Flooring - Floor Depot, Ivy Floor, Robina
  • Power Tools - Dong Cheng, Dewalt, Stanley, Black & Decker
  • Sanitaryware - Johnson Suisse, Econax, Haustern, Modern Depot, Asher
  • Water Tanks & Pumps - Weida, Muifatt, Deluxe, Star, King Kong, Shimge


Q :  Does TSI offer installation services for purchased products?

  •  TSI offers installation services by appointing a qualified installer and we charge a reasonable installation charge.


Q :  Does TSI offer shipping services for products purchased?

  •  TSI offers installation services by appointing a qualified installer and we charge a reasonable installation charge.


Q :  What is the TSI company policy for storage of purchased goods?

  •  TSI can offer storage of goods for 1 to 2 weeks. We will charge a storage fee to cover the cost of insurance to ensure the safety of the goods.


Q :  Does TSI offer repair services for purchased goods?

  • Yes, the TSI has a team to repair all the machinery and water pumps sold.


Payment: -

Q :  What are the payment methods offered by TSI?

  • Cash
  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Online Banking
  • Cheque
  • Boost Pay
  • E-Wallet


Shipping: -

Q :  What are the delivery methods offered by TSI?

  •  Delivery by TSI truck in the states of Kelantan and Terengganu. (subject to terms & conditions)
  •  Courier service
  •  Self pickup at a nearby TSI branch

* Terms & Conditions:
Free truck delivery to areas within 80km of new city. Transportation charges will be charged for shipping over 80km depending on the type of product being shipped.


Order: -

Q :  What are the ways to place an order with TSI?

  • Visit our store
  • Phone
  • Facsimile
  • Whatsapp
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Website -
  • Lazada
  • Instagram
  • Shoppee


Q :  I have placed an order with the TSI, how do I know the status of the order?

  • You can contact the branch via phone or WhatsApp.
  • Mr / Mrs will be notified in advance if the item is not available in our warehouse, it will take some time for direct delivery from the factory.


Q :  If I place an order with a branch in a Kota Bharu, can I pick up goods in the Tanah Merah?

  • You need to notify us in advance of the order and make a pickup at any of our outlets where stock is available.


Return of Goods: -

Q :  Can I exchange or return purchased items?

  • You can contact the branch within 7 days from the date of purchase and have the assurance of converting or returning the purchased item.
  • Mr / Mrs should also make sure the goods you want to exchange/return are in good condition.
  • You also need to submit a valid purchase receipt when you wish to exchange/return the goods.


Q :  If the goods received are damaged, will the TSI replace them with the new one?

  • You must check the goods sent by the TSI truck before signing the receipt confirmation. In the event, that the goods received are damaged or inadequate, you may make a note on the delivery letter for further action by us.
  • TSI will replace the ordered item in the event of negligence on our part.


Q :  How do I make a complaint?

  • You can make a complaint by phone, WhatsApp at 012-9691789 or email us at