Hand Tools

Timuran Setia is the leading hand tools supplier in Malaysia, specialize in offering different brands of high quality hand tools at an incredibly low price. Here at Timuran Setia, we carry a huge selection of professional and industrial hand tools, ranging from wrenches to hammer, pry and claw bars, screwdrivers, clams and pliers, cutter and the like. No matter what kind of hand tool you prefer, we as the renowned hand tools supplier in Malaysia always have the right tools that are perfect for any application. Of course, different types of hand tools are meant for different purposes. However, all of them are effective in improving productivity and elevating the quality of the work. Rest assured, all the hand tools offered here are made by the industry’s most trusted brands such as WORX, Stanley, Mr Mark and more. Simply put, all of them come with the mark of quality, reliability as well as durability. Every tool is manufactured to the highest standards and undergoes stringent quality control. Other than that, all the products are made from high quality materials that can stand the test of time and extremely robust to tolerate even the toughest applications, without a drop in the performance level. In addition to that, they are designed with the users in mind and come in various sizes, allowing easy control for any job. 

In order to suit every level of expertise and market demand, we continually upgrade and expand our product offerings. By browsing our great selection of high quality hand tools, you are sure to find the tool you need. Not sure which tool is the most efficient for the task? No worries, our team of professionals will be there to provide expert advice in product selection. Hence, feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding our products. 

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