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RANO Ultra Filtration UF Membrane Water Filter SUS304 S/Steel UF5000
Price RM1,999.00
Product SKU 700147000026
Brand Rano
Size (L x W x H) 26 cm x 26 cm x 134 cm
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Many bacteria found in water system, such as Legionella and Pseudomonas, are extremely dangereous for humans to consume. The direct short and long term impacts this has causes harm to health of yourself and your loved ones.

In the worst case, infection can result in death. For this reason, the cleanliness of water in your home is vitally important.

Ultimate Clean & Safe Water

Safe, clen water is not only vital for drinking and for preparation of food, but also for skin care and personal hygience. Many diseases and sicknesses can result from containminated water, and your loved ones can easily be harmed by using this water for their daily needs.

Although some drinking water might appear clean, it can still contain disease-causing bacteria. To purify water by using a water filter would provide you and your loved ones with safe and clean water by removing all bacteria and offering the best-possible results, with no addition of chemicals or energy required.


As a master for the house, you are expected to ensure safe water by following certain hygenic measures.

This water filter from RANO have been designed to provide you and your loved ones with clean water ro prevent acute and chronic diseases caused by germs.