Jotun is one of the world’s best-known paint brands. Jotun is well-regarded for its exceptional paint quality, long-term protection, rich and vibrant colour. If you’d like to spruce up your wall with Jotun paint, then look no further than Timuran Setia. Lauded as one of the preferred Jotun paint suppliers in Malaysia, we are specialists in supplying a comprehensive range of high quality Jotun paints for all. Be it decorative paint or performance coating, we have them all to bring timeless elegance to any space. Jotun paints are well formulated to offer long-lasting protection to endure the rigors of time. Different series of paints have different properties such as weather shield, chemical resistance, stain resistance and many other attributes. For instance, paints with weather shield are specially made to stand up against the harshest weather and offer the longest lasting colours, therefore, it is ideal for exterior use.

Next, most of the Jotun paints are formulated without using any toxic chemicals, so they are environmentally friendly and safe for human. Concerned about the pungent smell of paints after painting your wall? Thanks to Jotun paint, now you can paint the interior of your home at any time and are not bothered by the irritating smell. Jotun paints are low odour, making them the perfect choice for the indoor application. Apart from that, Jotun paint is known for its versatility, it can be used for interior and exterior walls. Aside from the wall, some of the Jotun paints can be applied to doors, windows, frames, ceilings as well as furniture.

Being one of the most preferred Jotun paint suppliers in the region, we always have a complete selection of paints to cater all sorts of painting projects. With Timuran Setia, you will be sure to find the right paint that suits your exterior design, interior as well as the existing décor.

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