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Jotun Paint
Jotun Paint
Jotun Paint

Every wall is one colour away from being perfect in your eyes. With an eye for quality, Jotun became the very best in the paint business. TSI is proud to be an official Jotun Paint supplier in Malaysia. With our partnership, getting Jotun paint in Kelantan has never been easier.

At TSI we think of our products as more than just paint. It’s inspiration, it’s peace of mind and most importantly, it’s home. Let’s explore our Jotun paint with high quality products for interior and exterior walls as well as for furniture protection. The home of your dreams starts with the right colours. And we're here to help you get started. Check out the latest catalogue of Jotun paint price in Malaysia!

Jotun Paint Selections :

Majestic True Beauty Sheen

Majestic True Beauty Matt

Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Majestic Design

Essence Easy Clean

Essence Cover Plus Sheen




Jotashield Antifade

Jotashield Colour Extreme

Jotashield Flex


Essence Tough Shield



Gardex Premium Gloss

Essence High Gloss

Majestic Supreme Finish