Power Tools

Power tools are essential and extremely helpful for many kinds of applications. The uses of power tools not only help users to save tons of time and effort but also ensure the utmost precision. Known as one of the best power tools suppliers in Malaysia, Timuran Setia has the right power tools for professionals, DIYers and homeowners. Be it cutting, drilling, grinding or polishing, we have the right power tools you are looking for. We offer an extensive range of power tools that includes everything from a screwdriver, polisher, grinder, rotary drill to hammer, heat gun, circular saw and many more. The great emphasis on product performance as well as quality has made Timuran Setia as one of the best power tools suppliers in Malaysia. We guarantee each product that we sourced are built and tested well beyond the required standards, thereby enabling our customers to purchase and use the products with peace of mind.

Besides, we carry a wide variety of top power tools brand for you to choose from, such as WORX, DeWALT, Stanley, Black & Decker and more. All these brands are known for making products that are highly durable and powerful to ensure optimal performance. Most importantly, they are built to withstand the toughest conditions in any construction and job sites. As a result, all of the works will be executed in great efficiency and accuracy, without creating any risk of downtime. If you are interested in buying high quality power tools with unparalleled strength and performance, then look no further than us. At Timuran Setia, we have a wide selection of tools to meet the needs of every job, all at the most competitive prices. If you need any further assistance in selecting the right power tools for the specific application, we are always pleased to help. 

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