Timuran Setia has everything you need when it comes to sanitary ware supplies. Recognized as one of the best sanitary ware suppliers in Malaysia, we supply high quality sanitary ware for residential, commercial as well as industrial use. We carry the major brands like Johnson Suisse, Bareno, Econax, Sorento and Modern Depot, just to name a few. Our comprehensive range of sanitary ware covers everything from basin, water closet, shower, urinals to squatting pan, bathroom tapware, bathroom accessories and many more. All of them are available in a variety of sizes and designs to suit a diverse array of applications in workplace, hotels, healthcare centre, schools and other public settings. Being one of the top sanitary ware suppliers in the region, we always place a strong emphasis on product quality as well as functionality. Other than that, they are made of high quality materials that promise to endure the hardest of treatment and withstand years of use. Plus, they are thoughtfully built to be user friendly as well as environmentally friendly. Apart from being functional, they are designed to accommodate the modern market trend and look aesthetically pleasing at all times. Regardless of whether you prefer simple, classic, or contemporary design, we have a great selection of models and styles for you to choose from.


Apart from supplying sanitary ware, we do provide kitchen sink, cooker hob, oven, kitchen tapware and the like. Our extensive range of products comes in a varied array of style and finishes, you would simply be spoilt for choice. Every product we offered is built to be functional as well as practical. What matters the most is that they are made in accordance with the required quality and safety standards. All in all, you can count on Timuran Setia to provide you the best kitchen and sanitary ware, without blowing the budget. 


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